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We create Geo-Thermal-Therapists who are able to prescriptively use both heated and cooled stones

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Our signature treatment uses both stones in placement, sedentary on or under the body and in massage.

A highly trained LaStone Therapist learns  how to use the correct ratio of heated basalt and cooled marble to deliver the perfect prescriptive treatment melting away areas of tension.

This foundation course covers the core modules of History of Stone Therapy, What Stones to use and why, Professional Equipment, Sanitation, Energising Stones, and a full body protocol including using heated and cooled stones in both placement and massage.

It is the combination of heat and cool that stimulate the Circulatory and Lymphatic systems, encouraging the elimination of metabolic waste, relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation and stress.


LaStone Therapeutic Stone uses a unique combination of warmed Basalt and Jade with cooled marble working at a deeper level on areas on concern. 

Ideal for those who require a deep tissue massage on specific areas of the body.

This treatment is ideal for therapists who work deep tissue or sports massage. It is advanced skills added on to the core LaStone foundation. It allows the therapist to work deep into areas of concern with much less discomfort to the client, while also protecting their hands from work related injury. 

Therapeutic Stone can also be added to LaStone Original Body

This Facial treatment uses  Gua Sha stone wings which  have been chosen for their physical and spiritual enhancement benefits. Due to the piezo effect of the Quartz  the benefits of this treatment is delivered on a cellar level.

The movements and temperatures used within our Stone FaceSculpt instantly firms and lifts the facial tissue, renewing facial contours and helping to reverse the signs of sagging skin and ageing. The cool stones increase lymphatic movement helping to diminish dark circles, reduce puffiness and redness.

Rose Quartz can help bring back a bloom and lustre to tired skin tone.

This is a stand alone treatment or can be added to Original Body, StoneSole Reflexology, and Geo-Thermal Ear Candling. 

Ear Candling has been used by many civilisations to relieve problems and conditions in the Ear, Nose and Throat area.

Our treatment uses heated basalt to warm the neck and face area, then we use the ear candles, followed by cooled marble to flush the Lymphatics and Sinus

This treatment can be added to our LaStone FacialSculpt, LaStone StoneSole or LaStone Mother Earth and Father Sky

LaStone StoneSole elevates Reflexology to a different level.

Working with heated basalt and cooled marble on the reflexes makes this treatment more profound .

Including Crystals and Energy Linking this is the complete Reflexology treatment. 

The skills of using the stones in Reflexology is different from the way a therapist would use their fingers and thumbs, which as well as being incredibly effective also saves them from RSI problems which so many Reflexologists suffer.

This combination of StoneSole and FaceSculpt grounds us to earth and connects us to the heavens.

A truly wonderful spiritual and healing treatment

The combination of these two treatments is the ultimate MBS experience.


LaStone was created by Mary Nelson from Tucson, Arizona in 1993. Mary was suffering from a rotator cuff injury which hampered her ability to give deep tissue massage. Whilst in a sauna of a therapy centre she then worked in, she was guided to pick up a warm stone and soon realised its potential. Mary first called working with stones – ‘Hot Stone Massage’ a term used by a number of training organisations even today. After a while, the cool marble joined the warm basalt and LaStone was born. Mary now has retired from LaStone but continues to work with the stones in a different direction.

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